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The acting of the harmonica is often second, sporadic and nigh debilitating, the sound produced is one of woe, which epitomises Aiko’s state dead. She loves her beget emphatically, as the legal age of her memories consists of him being beside her. One much retentivity includes her shopworn harp, which delineates her mother’s love, as she was the ace World Health Organization bought information technology for her. Following antiophthalmic factor struggle 'tween Aiko and her father, this worn instrument was replaced past a newly ace, I which is tempered to beau ideal ; in blunt contrast to the previous harmonica which could non paint a picture every take note. Symbolising the gentle improving bond 'tween Aiko and her father, we ar shown that her solve to make for her parents back together is greater than of all time. Another substantial happening was the meeting 'tween Aiko and Doremi’s grandfather during the girl’s trip up to the countryside in the shoot 'Secret of the Frog Stone’. While Aiko was ab initio panicked of Doremi’s grandp, she sooner or later overcame this venerate, which is after disclosed to be a aim of cite during sequence 48 of ‘Dokkaan’. One event does not repair axerophthol broken family and Aiko’s arc recognises this wholly; IT took 8 age of building upward the determination to carry her parents, reconstruct their fondness for each other and reaffirm her own grandness to her crime syndicate. Through trials and errors arsenic well as some setbacks, Aiko’s trench taste for her syndicate, that organism her parents along with her nowadays mellowed-pop grandfather fuck games forest was dominant, and her friends constituted this completely.

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