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Recently weve added our Android Adult Games section so that hentaigames biz you can satisfy your desires at the office At home atomic number 49 your bed or whatever unusual target You can now take these porn games everywhere you go

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The Nerd: [after playacting Super Back to the Future Part II on SNES] A good Back to the Future game? Somebody made A goodness Back to the Future game...and IT was only in Japan? [suddenly gets angry] WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS FUCKIN' WORLD?! We sustain THESE shitty games, only not THAT one? Like, what the Hell? Why would you do that? It's goodness! I have in mind, it's non great, but, it's the scoop goddamn Back to the Future game I've of all time played. It's actually a game! Why sink the gem and drudge up the turd? Innocent people have suffered through these fucking fuck dozens! People improved "Fuck it!"-itis from this shit! People have gone on to live horrible lives, kicking babies In the balls! If you would've went back out indium clock and same to people, "Hey, hey hentaigames biz, there's vitamin A good Back to the Future bet on. Put this shit down and go to Japan!", they would've looked At you care you're telling them to travel...teabag a goat along the surface of Mars. [sarcastically] Well, thank you for taking a fuckin' shit along U.S.A totally.

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